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Making Science Make Sense Exhibition

Experience science hands on at the Bayer Making Science Make Sense Exhibition which will be held at the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai from November 10 to 13, 2016 from 10.00 am till 6.00 pm. The highlight of the exhibition is Bayer’s exciting and interactive tour - “Science For A Better Life” which has travelled across the world since 2013, covering major cities such as London, Sao Paulo, New York and Sydney, and welcoming over 180,000 exhibition visitors so far.

'Science For A Better Life' Tour

SFABL Tour Zoom image
A view of the Science For A Better Life Exhibition

The letters on the Tour exhibit boxes combine to spell out Bayer's mission, "Science For a Better Life". Each box contains images and informational text on the scientific background and social aspects of the Bayer topic in question. Visitors are also invited to experiment and test their scientific skills. For example, they can go up against the clock, fighting insect pests and weeds with Bayer products in a buzzer quiz, or insert the right building blocks into the DNA of wheat to block the plant's stress gene and make it more robust.


It offers both school kids and adults an exciting and interesting chance to discover natural sciences, biology or applied chemistry, try out something new, explore and understand scientific relationships.


Science Show

Indulge in an engaging session of fun based science learning with activities like colour chemistry, floating calories, bubble mania, and other experiments. The show runs several times in a day and appeals to all - kids and adults alike.


Expert Sessions

Engage in conversation with experts from various fields – from leading scientists to well-known nutritionists to top doctors and veterinarians. The time slots for each of these sessions will be uploaded soon.


Other Fun Activities

The Exhibition will also include a series of fun activities like a Motion Magics Wall, Interactive Floor, Origami Corner, Exhibit of School Projects.


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