Focus Issues

Safeguarding Nutrition

Ensuring ample food supplies is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Bayer is developing solutions to this problem in its Crop Science Division and has firmly established the topic of "high-quality food for all" as a central objective of its Sustainability Program. For the Group, the only way to achieve this goal is through sustainable agriculture.
<strong>Agriculture: </strong>Through Food Chain Partnerships Bayer is helping farmers worldwide to produce agricultural products of a best possible quality. Zoom image
Agriculture: Through Food Chain Partnerships Bayer is helping farmers worldwide to produce agricultural products of a best possible quality  

A growing world population, food shortages and volatile weather – these dynamic factors are having an increasingly significant effect on agricultural production worldwide. More and more people need to be fed, but the available arable land per capita is decreasing across the globe.


This is compounded by problems such as soil erosion, water shortages and extreme weather events, and poses major challenges for farmers in many parts of the world. In this context, our mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” reflects the goal that we are looking to achieve in close cooperation with agricultural partners and stakeholders – helping to provide people with enough healthy food.


Food Chain Partnerships

Thinking about the global food chain means considering all the hands involved, and it means thinking about all the people behind it and the demands they have to dace every day. The Food Chain Partnership expresses our belief that together with our partners in the food chain we can build relationships that benefit everyone. There are now more than 240 Food Chain Partnerships in over 30 countries covering most of the main fruit and vegetable crops


Bayer is reaffirming its commitment to bringing food chain partners closer together by helping them improve productivity and quality of fruit and vegetables in a sustainable manner. The Food Chain Partnership is an innovative partnership model of the Crop Science Division of Bayer that facilitates a win - win situation for all key stakeholders of the food value chain - farmer, food processor/exporter or food retailer and eventually consumer. Through this project, Bayer is working closely with the farming community, teaching them about sustainable agricultural practices, the proper use of crop protection products and pest monitoring, to name a few aspects of this initiative.



Bayer GrowPro Programme

Bayer CropScience initiated a pilot project called GrowPro, which promotes mechanical transplanting of rice. As part of this project, customized Bayer Healthy Seedlings are transplanted in the field for a rice farmer. This is followed up by an on-field advisory team from Bayer Crop Protection solutions. The project helps farmers resolve the problem of shortage of labour and increased cost of rice transplanting. To date, the prototype has been successfully implemented at 3 sites. Testing and evaluation of Nursery raising models have been conducted. A survey of prospective farmers in target states has been completed and a technical evaluation of nursery package, base media and transplanter operational calibration has also been done.